Donald Trump is like a failed Adolph Hitler.

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@manu no, I think he is more like Adolf Hitler during his failed putsch in the 1920s. He can come back, and stronger. This is why it is vital he is prosecuted for all the crimes he did in office and is put away for decades.


Trump didn't fail a putsch to take power, he failed to keep power. That's what leads me to think that Trump is on the decline.

It doesn't mean the whole thing is over, he has a huge base and they are fanatically dedicated. The worst part is that their ideas and methods are spreading into other countries.

Of course, these are just my thoughts, I'm not a prophet.

@manu regardless, I don't think we've seen the last of him, and it would be advantageous to make damn sure he and his kids have no chance of regaining office of any kind in the future. Hence as many felony convictions we can put on him and his entire clan would make them intelligible to ever run for office again.

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