I would love to tell people to use GPG, for emails, file encryption (for yourself and/or others), but. But... GPG lacks good user friendly tools that I can't advise it.

Today's reason: Using vim/gpg, I can't save the file because my GPG key has expired. Meanwhile, kgpg says it expires in 2 years (lies!). As a user, I can either spend the whole day figuring this out, OR, I can go back to post-it notes on the screen.

(answer: superuser.com/questions/813421 hint: subkey)

Ha! I had a similar experience where my OpenPGP encrypted LUKS volume would not unlock as my key had expired and the decryption hook would not import it. A major issue when you’re in the middle of something.

How did you use GPG in vim? Is there a plugin or just a simple command?



Wow, I could only imagine what that must feel like. I use LUKS, but no with PGP.

(I also noticed I have issues with gpg and pgp)...

For vim, I'm using a vim plugin called gnupg.vim. It's really useful when you need to have locked files that you can just open with vim, without having to go through many steps to unlock, edit, lock.

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