Q: How to fill out a PDF form that someone sends you, and send it back? I tried everything (Okular, Evince, Xpdf, Krita (got lost there with layers and then it just broke), and so on).

A: Print it on paper, use a pen to write on the paper and send it back using a pigeon.

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@manu that's fascinating. I never had a pdf form that didn't work in Okular and wouldn't be saved simply with Ctrl+s

@lukas Wait, you could fill out the form in Okular? (maybe I'm too old for this stuff because I saw "annotations" which seems to leave odd "post-it" type notes).

@manu Yes, I don't mean annotations. When opening a pdf with a form, it shows a message with a button that lets you toogle between seeing input forms on top of every form field or seeing the input text as normal text inside the pdf.

To be fair the fact that waving works directly instead of having to go to save as is pretty new.


I think the file I was given does not have proper built-in forms, it's just a PDF.

When it's just one page, I open it in Inkscape and I can do whatever I need. This is multi-page and I'm kind of surprised there isn't a simple "write on a layer above" kind of option. I wonder how others users do this.

Anyway, I think that this, and many other GNU-bugs, has made me really think, so I'm not going to fill out this PDF yet.
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@manu Hm, indeed I have never had a need for it. And I can't think of an elegant solution for it at the moment. Using Inkscape for a single page sounds like a great idea.


The only solution I found is to use a printer, a pen and send it via snail mail.
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@manu Or the semi-digital solution of printer, pen, scanner and E-Mail.


BTW, it appears that a more recent version of Okular can "just write over" in PDF files. So I guess this will be ready in Debian just before the end of the world.
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