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@manu That's interesting. I find updating Mastodon pretty easy and straightforward (I'm not using docker). It boils down to checking out the version, run bundle and yarn, db migrations and assets and restarting all services.
The only thing that wasn't intuitive to me was when bundle required a newer ruby version and I had to run rbenv similar to the installation process.

@manu What I can't stand is software like #limesurvey that requires even for security updates to replace all files and copy over a not really documented list of files and modifications and fix the permissions for all of them.
I understand that there needs to be a way to monetarise, but the updater is to worst part to hold back.

@lukas I think part of the issue is that I'm getting old, another part is that I've been spoiled by software like NextCloud, Roundcube and Friendica (just to name a few).

For Mastodon, one still has to mix and match information from the release notes and the upgrade documentation.

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Hoga Social

Hoga Social est un petit bout du réseau social décentralisé.

On utilise le logiciel Mastodon pour faire le truc (avec plein d'autres logiciels libres aussi). Notre objectif ici sera de créer un réseau local, vaguement autour de Granville, fédéré avec les autres instances.

Hoga Social est encore en phase de test.. Si t'es du coin et que tu veux un compte sur ce serveur, fais moi signe.